Peanut Roasting Machine

22 08/2022

Peanut Roasting Machine

EFOR MACHINE | 22/08/2022 |

One of the most delicious dishes of nuts is of course pistachio. It is said that the starting point of pistachio, which is one of the snacks that people love to consume since the beginning of history, is Central Asia. This snack, which has been with us since the creation of the world, continues to be eagerly consumed by all countries of the world. According to the rumor, the pistachio, which has many stories and legends about it, is the normal right that Saba Melikesi Belkıs liked so much that the normal right allowed to be consumed only in the palace prohibits consuming this cookie. Peanut, which has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases, is recommended to be consumed by other doctors as well as dieticians. Containing vitamin C in its content, peanuts also strengthen immunity and protect your health thanks to the natural oil it contains. However, one of the points to be considered in peanut consumption is that it is fresh and has not lost its nutritional value. Efor Kuruyemiş Makinaları, which came into play here, takes the lead with its peanut roasting machines produced in international standards. The company, which has all the equipment to produce nuts, puts machines that produce extremely healthy cookies to the consumer with its expert engineer staff and the latest advanced technologies.

Nuts roasting machine

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