Nuts Fryer Line

26 09/2022

Nuts Fryer Line

EFOR MACHINE | 26/09/2022 |

Efor Makine produces fully automatic Nuts fryer lines in accordance with the needs of food production facilities. It enables you to produce at high capacities by providing significant cost and time savings with less labor force. Thanks to the advanced automation system, all processes can be managed through the touch panel. You can manage your production process with maximum efficiency by providing integration with central control systems, together with other equipment in the enterprise. Equipment constituting the Nuts Fryer line; Oil tank, fryer unit, cooling band, elevator, silo, dressing unit etc. are equipment. Due to its modular structure, it is very easy to transport and replace. Equipment made of ANSI 304 stainless steel is extremely resistant to moisture and humidity. The element that makes the effort machine different; All disciplines such as Design, R&D, Manufacturing and Automation are prepared and managed under one roof. Thanks to this flexibility, we design and manufacture special machinery and equipment for our customers, which they cannot find ready-made in the market, with optimum cost and technology.

Nuts roasting machine

Nuts roasting machine, coffee bean roasting machine, Nut salting machine, coating machine, various nuts such as food processing machines manufacturer , our company, with its expert staff for the development of food processing technologies and an experienced team R & D and product development activities and continues without stopping.

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