Cashew Roasting Machine

03 08/2022

Cashew Roasting Machine

EFOR MACHINE | 03/08/2022 |

Cashew, which is an excellent source of protein, is one of the most popular cookies in our country in recent years. Cashew, a taste unique to Brazil, has a taste that steals our hearts with its delicious flavor. In order for the cashew to be ready for consumption, it must be peeled and roasted. Cashew shell contains a resin harmful to human consumption, so it must be peeled off. The most popular type of cashew consumed raw in our country is roasted cashew nuts. This type of cookie, which is also consumed in addition to meals, is also one of the frequently sought after enjoyable meetings. Cashew contains vitamins A, D, E, K, MUFA and PUFA. Cashews, which support heart health, contain healthy saturated fats. Cashew, which reduces bad cholesterol when consumed in appropriate amounts in diabetic patients, is a beneficial dried fruit to be consumed by people on a diet thanks to its fullness. Efor Kuruyemiş Machines produces the latest technological machines to bring you the healthiest dried nuts. It guarantees high yield and taste for dried fruit producers. Nuts machines, which enable untouched production, increase production capacity with an easy-to-use panel, adjustable temperature and superior quality quality. For a healthy life, do not miss nuts from your eating habits ...

Nuts roasting machine

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