03 08/2022

benefits of consuming nuts

EFOR MACHINE | 03/08/2022 Kuruyemiş Makinaları | Nuts Machines |

benefits of consuming nuts

03 08/2022

Cashew Roasting Machine

EFOR MACHINE | 03/08/2022 |

Cashew, which is an excellent source of protein, is one of the most popular cookies in our country in recent years. Cashew, a taste unique to Brazi..

22 08/2022

Peanut Roasting Machine

EFOR MACHINE | 22/08/2022 Kuruyemiş Makinaları | Nuts Machines | Орехи Машины | Kuruyemiş | Nuts |

One of the most delicious dishes of nuts is of course pistachio. It is said that the starting point of pistachio, which is one of the snacks that p..

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Nuts roasting machine

Nuts roasting machine, coffee bean roasting machine, Nut salting machine, coating machine, various nuts such as food processing machines manufacturer , our company, with its expert staff for the development of food processing technologies and an experienced team R & D and product development activities and continues without stopping.

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